Rajalary — the initials for Richard Allan and Julie Ann Lary — was started in 2003. We’d recently married and moved to Round Rock, Texas so Rich could continue working for IBM, and I could potentially get a job with Dell.

After unpacking  and putting away hundreds (no exaggeration) of boxes of “stuff,” lamenting over the weather, and sending out dozens of resumes, I realized I needed to do something productive. I started writing about our adventures in Texas from the myriad of snakes and bugs to memorable trips to Galveston, Fredericksville, San Antonio, and Wimberley.

Rajalary was born. Soon, I was also writing about my life at Dell, the joys of xeriscaping (salvia, lavendars, lantana, grasses, and sago palms love the heat), new pets, and trips to other parts of the United States.

By the time, we moved back to the Pacific Northwest, “Rajalary” was appearing at the top of search results and had become synonomous with “Julie Lary.” It seemed like a natural fit to keep the name as my blog site transitioned from Microsoft Spaces to WordPress.