Tribute to Rose

Starting is always so difficult. Sometimes I think about a “great” opening sentence all day… or for days. For months, I’ve been thinking I should start posting my grandmother’s writing. She was a prolific writer whose work is hidden in a bankers box and several large notebooks in our home office.

I couldn’t decide, however, what to post. What would people want to read?

She talked affectionately about the invocations she wrote for the senior citizens club, which was part of her synagogue. I’d flipped through a couple of them, but wasn’t inspired.

Over the years, she’s written so many insightful article and letters. But once, again, what would people want to read?

I kept coming back to the invocations. One day, I started to type them up… they’re in a stack held together with a giant paperclip. For a couple of nights, I typed and typed, and then came to the conclusion that no one would want to read them.

Then it dawned on me. People will want to read them if I put some context around why they were written. The following are a series of invocations, written over a period of several years, by my beloved grandmother, Rose Ridnor.

Read the invocations.

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