It’s the day after Dell announced that there would be no bonuses for the year. Of course, I’m furious, having juggled dozens of projects for the past year that were previous done by four people. Adding to the insult was the email from Michael Dell saying we “need to reduce redundancies.” Does that mean that along with getting no bonus, we need to identify people within our groups who are redundant and should be shown the door? Possibly myself?

While I’ll miss the money, it doesn’t really matter to me because for the past few years, we’ve been making plans to return to the Pacific Northwest. For the past few months, I’ve been applying at Microsoft in hope of securing a position and leaving in late March after my bonus is paid.

Earlier this week, I received an email from a Microsoft recruiter asked whether I was interested in a position overseeing one of their blog sites. Not knowing much about blogging, I decided to do some research, starting with the history of blogging on Wikipedia. I then clicked my way through the web to various site and came to the conclusion that I was missing out on all the fun!

While I’ve been writing a monthly newsletter – Austin Adventures – to friends and family for over four years, it was becoming cumbersome. It took weeks to write and the end-result often drags on for six to seven pages. In addition, they lacked spontaneity. By only writing every few weeks, they lack the spark of detailing daily events and observations.

Last year, I finished designing a website using Microsoft Frontpage, which has yet to be published. It includes the complete collection of Austin Adventures along with my work portfolio and numerous photos and personal writings. My hesitancy to post the site, like Austin Adventures, centered on it being so static!

Microsoft offered the perfect solution… Windows Live Spaces. It’s so easy!!!

Welcome to my blog. Welcome to my thoughts, my challenges, and my life. Welcome to Rajalar