Us cats are starting to feel neglected with so much attention going to Julie and her dumb injury. Any cat will tell you that cars are dangerous. Dog, which have limited intelligence, may think cars are cool, but cats know better.
The only time I went in a car, I returned home with parts missing. It doesn’t matter because I’m still the head of the house. All of the girls turn and look when I parade through the house. And why not? I’m a stud. Lion of the pride with stripes and swirls from the tip of my tail to my black nose and down my muscular legs. My magnificent tail is 14-inches in length and is always held high over my back.
I adore Zephyra, but she doesn’t always like me. To be honest, sometimes no one likes me. Rich and Julie say I have behavioral challenges. Ha! I just get a little rowdy in the house and like to practice my stalking and hunting skills on the girls and anything that moves like toes and legs.