The word "posh" derived from the concept of "port out, starboard home," which was the preferred and more expensive way to travel between the Britain and India. When going to India, the left or port side was mostly in the shade. Going back, the opposite was true.
My experience with Microsoft, so far, has been equally posh. Along picking up the tab for me to fly to Seattle, they’re paying for a rental car and temporary housing. While I asked for a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment, I received two bedrooms/two bathrooms at the Verona Apartments, an upscale four-story complex in the heart of downtown Bellevue.
Bellevue is a very ritzy town to the east of Seattle, across Lake Washington with housing prices starting at half-a-million for a 1,200 square foot house. The prestigious, high-rise apartment complex across the street from mine – 989 Elements – offers a 385 square foot "box" for $879 to $895 per month. If you move up to a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom 680 square foot unit, you’ll need to cough up $1,364 to $1,886 per month! A 2 bedroom/2 bathroom penthouse (1,096 square feet) is $3,325 per month. For that price, you can easily purchase a house!
Below are some pictures of my apartment. From my small balcony, which is a block from Interstate 405, I can see the top of Mount Rainer along with several attractive office buildings with colorful landscaping.
Each of the bedrooms has a large window. The main room (living, dining and kitchen) have six windows so the apartment is very bright and pleasant. I think it’s also one of the largest in the complex. Fully furnished, it must be costing Microsoft lots of money. Posh. Very posh!