Monday, we put on our house on the market. By that afternoon, our realtor received an offer for full price! We were thrilled!
We don’t anticipate any problems and expect the house to close by August 17th. Rich will stay an extra week to get everything packed. I’ll then fly back to Texas to accompany him as we drive across the country in his Dodge Dakota with our six cats and five birds in the back. The back of his truck has a canopy so we’ll open the window between the cab and bed of the truck so the cats can walk back-and-forth and "help" Rich drive.
Microsoft will be moving our furnishings, which is fabulous!
It’s hard, looking at the listing of our house, not to feel a little sadness about leaving it. We had many memorable days in the house from sitting in the hot tub on warm summer evenings, watching the sunset as bats circled above to watching a lightning storm from the balcony, seeing a deer and her fawn eat the acorns from our oak trees, listening to the creek as it rushes after a rain storm, picking herbs from my garden, cooking in the spacious kitchen, sewing in my green-walled hobby room, working side-by-side with Rich in the office, and so much more.
With the price of housing in the Seattle area, there’s no way we can afford a comparable house. Nevertheless, it’s a relief that our house and that Rich and I will be together in Washington starting in late August!