On Thursday, I officially moved out of my wonderful, downtown Bellevue apartment. It was hard leaving, having thoroughly enjoyed the spaciousness, conveniences and walking distance to wonderful shops, parks, high-rises, and dramatic municipal buildings. There are a dozen or more construction projects in downtown Bellevue. At night, and from a distance, you can see numerous construction cranes on top of the buildings. Their lights blink on-and-off like misshapen Christmas trees.
My new apartment, which Rich chose and leased online, is within walking distance from Microsoft and located on Lake Sammamish in Redmond. My apartment is in a small two-story building with eight, one-bedroom apartments. Mine is on the bottom floor, across from a culvert that drains into Lake Sammamish. It’s been completely refurbished with Pergo floors throughout, white cupboards, pretty granite-like counters, a cute covered porch, and lots of windows; although, the many trees in the culvert block most of the direct sunlight.
The best part is that Stacey, my step-daughter is moving out of her downtown Seattle apartment. She brought over much of her furniture and kitchenware. The furniture looks amazing. See the pictures below. The "headboard" for the bed I found in the trash "room" at the Verona. It’s the bottom of a futon and looks brand new. Stacey came up with the idea to use it as a headboard.
Unlike the Verona, where I parked in an underground apartment then took an elevator to my second-story apartment and scarcely saw other residents in the entire 7 weeks I stayed there, my new apartment is teaming with activity. People with their dogs constantly walk by. In the larger part of the complex, families play outside with their kids.
There are many Indian families with the women, and sometimes the men, wearing traditional clothing. Earlier this week, I watched a couple, dressed in white, billowy clothing, casually tossing a Frisbee to each other. The woman, in a white sari with a long, flowing scarf, reminding me of a swan, gracefully chasing after the Frisbee.
The apartment also has a private boat dock on Lake Sammamish, which I enjoy walking onto at night when the moon glistens over the lake and I can hear the private conversations of the water fowl.