The deed is done! Last weekend, Rich and I successfully removed the popcorn ceilings from the four bedrooms, living room, dining room, hallway, and entry hall of our new house! Not knowing whether it contained asbestos, we decided to wear respirators, gloves and highly attractive protective suits. Mine had a hood for added glamour.
We’d done extensive reading on the topic and were therefore prepared for the worse. Much to our delight, nothing was too terrible or too difficult aside from getting the popcorn off the entry hall ceiling because of its height.
After covering the windows and floors of each room with plastic, I’d repeatedly spray the ceiling with water from a garden sprayer while Rich scrapped off the goo using a sharp metal scraper. We’d then carefully gather up the plastic and place it in large garbage bags. Still wearing our respirators, we’d sweep every inch of the floor, including getting on our hands-and-knees with a small brush and dustpan to get the bits of ceiling that fell into the corners and under the walls.
We’d then proceed to the next room.
The most time-consuming aspect was spreading the plastic and sweeping up. Each room was swept at least three times this past weekend to ensure all of the popcorn was picked up.
Next weekend, we have a hiatus while Rich visits his step-father in Bullhead City, Arizona. The following weekend, we’ll prep the ceiling for retexturing, remove the wallpaper from the dining room and entry hall (awful job) and ensure the walls are ready to be painted.