It’s been six months since Rich and I bought our Kirkland house. Why I wanted to buy a low-maintenance townhouse since we need to do extensive work on the Mount Vernon house, Rich wanted a house with a yard. We look at houses for about two hours then Rich’s attention span wanned and he decided to purchase our Kirkland fixer-upper. It’s been six months and look at the progress… below.
Yes sir. Much of my stuff has been packed for going on two years. Rich doesn’t care because he life revolves around having two pairs of jean, some tee- and sweat-shirts, working from home (his office is decked out with what he needs), going to Safeway to buy his lunch (he rarely buys anything for "us" since he only needs food for his immediate needs), purchasing music CDs and tools, and having a place to sleep. Nothing else is important to him. He could essentially live in a one-room hut and be happy.
Meanwhile, I long to be have a nice place to live and to be surrounded by my pictures, collectables and furniture.
Most of our rooms continue to bare light bulbs for lights, limited or no flooring, and boxes everywhere. Take a look.
Dinning rooom with no lights or flooringFamily room with boxes of flooring and other boxesHallway with no flooring or doorsLiving room with tools and not flooringRich's officeStairs inside house