My name is Lunetta. The night I was found under Rich’s and Julie’s motor home the moon was full. Lunar. Get it?

They call me Looney or Loose Nuts. Even though I’m three years old, they also refer to me as the "baby." And they wonder why I don’t like to associate with them! I prefer to hang-out with Pu’Yi or Zephyra.

Last night, I chased a squirrel up a tree and got stuck. I cried and cried, but only Julie could hear me and she kept looking on the ground and in the neighbors’ backyards for me. The whole time I was 25 feet above her in the tree! Lunetta

Rich was no better. He kept saying that I’d come home when I got tired. Sure. I’d like to see him climb down from a 5-story building using only his fingernails. 

Dumb humans!

I was so upset when they stopped looking for me. When Julie came back outside at 3 a.m. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was so tired of sitting that tree. I just wanted to be in the house, curled up with Pu’Yi.

They tried to get me with a ladder, but it wasn’t tall enough so then they disappeared. What was I supposed to do? Well, I was desperate so I slide down the tree trunk and landed on another branch. That was so scary!

Happily, they returned a few minutes later with a weird contraption. Rich actually thought that I’d jump onto it and he could lower me to the ground. Ha!

Well because I jumped down a few branches, Rich didn’t have to use the contraption. He could reach me by climbing to the top of the ladder. It felts so good when his hands wrapped around my body. Sigh.