Seemingly a hundred years ago, I was very politically active while attending Portland State University. Not only did I hold two positions in student government, but I was instrumental in forming two political groups and one of three organizers to bring Ralph Nader to campus to for an energy symposium.

Following college, I worked on numerous campaigns, including writing scalding positioning papers and letters-to-the-editor (which were signed and sent in by other people) for a congressional candidate. I also designed and wrote brochures, door-hangers and other collateral for candidates, including the previous and present mayors of the City of Beaverton.

Most of these candidates, I’m embarrassed to admit, were Republicans… especially while I was in college and the ten years afterwards. My minor in college was economics; I thought Milton Friedman and libertarian principles were the best solution for solving the world problems.

Ignorance is bliss.

In my 30’s I saw the light and became a raging liberal. I also stopped my political involvement, citing lack of time and a frustration at not being able to make a difference.

Nevertheless, when Rich confided in me that he’d voted for Bush in 2000, I seriously considered telling him to take a hike. His irresponsible and destructive vote remained a serious issue until he saw Fahrenheit 9/11. Prior to seeing the documentary, he felt that the president had little influence over the direction of the country.

Moments after the viewing, Rich found an orange crate, stood on top of it, pounded his chest, and started lambasting Bush. He continues to stand on his orange crate on a daily basis… and rant and rave about Bush’s shortcomings to whoever will listen.

Since Rich had taken up the battle cry, I decided to continue sitting back and watching. The few times that I wrote about my disdain for Bush, several friends took offense.

I became a mush ball.

Being a mush ball doesn’t match my personality. I hate that I’ve become complacent and worry more about what others think then speaking and writing what I believe.

Complacency won’t get Obama elected.

Recently, an acquaintance from Texas sent me an article written by George Will that was slathered with falsehoods and exaggerations about Obama. She was hoping the article would convince me that McSame was the better candidate. I thought about the article for few minutes. Along with blasting Obama, it compared Exxon’s revenues to Microsoft’s and commented that if pharmaceutical companies reduced their profits they couldn’t fund innovations.

I then popped open a browser and did some research. I found arguments that counteracted Will’s remarks. I documented that I found then sent her my findings. Her response back wasn’t too complimentary.


This is my country too! My relatives came to Ellis Island with nothing in their pockets, having fled persecution, concentration camps, and other hardships. They worked hard and recognized that by helping their fellow man, they could also elevate themselves. They went from poverty to prosperity… becoming world-renowned musicians, builders of shopping centers, business owners, engineers, and laborers.

There were no silver spoons in my family and there weren’t any in Obama’s.

I’m not going to be bashful about speaking out. I’m not going to let this election end with the wrong person winning!