My obsession with buying stuffed animals from Goodwill then turning them inside out has continued. I started re-purposing stuffed animals when I moved to Washington and badly missed Rich and the cats who were still in Texas. Inside-out Chicken Little

To soothe the angst of not being able to see them, I’d drive to the Bellevue on Friday evenings, purchasing a basket of stuffed animals (most of which were new or barely used), and spending all weekend, cutting, yanking out stuffing, re-stuffing and sewing. Because the animals are turned inside-out, their seams show along with the back-side of their eyes, which makes them look funky.

Some of the elements, like their feet, ears, tails, and clothing, I don’t turn inside-out and simply sew them back onto the animal. The effect is a little unnerving!Inside-out dinasaur

I must have made dozens of these inside-out animals in the past 18 months or so. Most, I gave away. Some like a small stuffed Hello Kitty, I had to keep!

I donated three to the Microsoft auction to raise money for charities. The first three pictures are the three I donated to the auction with Chicken Little raising the most money, $30! Inside-out lizard

Met and Target, below, I made for a woman who liked dogs. No doubt, someone bought Target at a Target store then realized a year or so latter that they didn’t need him. Met was probably given out by insurance representatives for MetLife. They were fun to make!

   Inside-out "Met" Inside-out "Target"