As you probably surmised from this blog, Rich is into technology while I’m confused by anything that has more than an on/off switch. He carefully selects the time and power level for everything he heats in the microwave; I prefer to turn soft foods into dog biscuits and boil fluids until a dribble remains.

Over the years, we’ve learned to tolerate each other’s idiosyncrasies. While I sail at the easiest points-of-sail, Rich thoughtfully assesses the wind direction, current, trim of the sails, and what other sailors are doing. He also checks his GPS, seemingly every ten seconds even though we barely reach the pokey speed of 1 nautical mile per hour.

Last weekend, he programmed the GPS to track our course…¬† GPS of sailing on Lake Washington

We set out from downtown Kirkland and headed west towards downtown Seattle. The squiggly portion of our trip (lower far right) shows where I did three man-overboard exercises… missing the buoy on the first two attempts. Should Rich fall overboard and suddenly turn into a buoy that I need to retrieve, he better hope the water is warm or someone with more boating skills comes to his rescue!

After getting the buoy, we sailed in a triangle. Actually, I sailed this portion of the trip while Rich snoozed… it was a very warm day!

We then headed north before returning to Kirkland… 4.5 hours later.