Rumors abound that Rich and I have been feeding raccoons. There’s no evidence however that this is occurring. Raccoon

We do admit to  feeding the handful of wild cats that often visit our backyard. And no doubt, they’re fairly large cats with fluffy tails and black masks. And yes it’s peculiar that they pick the food out with their paws then place it in their mouths. But they’re not raccoons!

Here are our "domestic" cats enjoying the sunshine under our blueberry bushes, which are temporarily in buckets until we can build planter boxes for them in Anacortes… and install rain barrels to collect water for a drip system.

To the far left is Lunetta who came from Texas. She was dropped off at our house during the full moon (lunar) when she was 3-4 weeks old. She’s a rather haughty cat so it’s no wonder that she’s sleeping by herself!

At the top, right is Zephyra who was also left at our Texas house a few months before Lunetta. There was a light breeze (zephyr) Four lazy catsthe night I heard her weak cries outside from our open bedroom windows.

Pu’Yi, my amazing silver-point male Siamese is in the middle. Jujube is Texas trailer trash. He came from a litter of eight kittens, born across the street from our house. He’s the rough-neck of the bunch and was recently spotted, along with Zephyra, on a neighbor’s balcony. They evidentially jumped onto the our fence, walked along it until they got opposite the roof of a neighbor’s house, jumped onto the roof then easily walked across the roof and climbed onto the balcony!