With the longest day of the year just a few weeks ago, it’s been staying light until nearly 10 o’clock at night. That means Rachel the Racoon has been coming around when the sun is still shining to munch on dog food and daintily wash her front feet.

A week ago, we turned on the deck lights after dark and were thrilled to see Rachel with her three babies. One was more amused by the container of water than the food. It climbed into the container and played in the water for several minutes while its mother nibbled on food. Lunetta & the Raccoon

Her other two babies were frolicking on the deck, also uninterested in the food. I think the babies are still nursing.

Here’s Lunetta supervising Rachel as she eats.

Since Rich works from home, he leaves the french doors open for the cats to go in-and-out. Rachel has several times stuck her head inside when her food dish was empty.