Two Thursdays ago, I brought my FIT to Kirkland Honda to have routine maintenance done on the car. Rich met me there to take me home.

He also decided to check out the cars. Wanting to trade in my old Honda CRV for a more fuel efficient car (and one that hadn’t weathered in the Texas sun for 4.5 years), he was intrigued by the Insight. His interest turned into a desire when he learned that the sales tax was waved on all cars sold in Washington through August 1st. The problem was finding a car in light blue, dark blue or red.

His quest turned into a Henry Ford moment in that the Insight was available in "any color – so long as it’s black." 

Anxious to not pay the sales tax, Rich ended up calling every Honda dealership from Seattle to Bellingham. All were willing to sell him a car, but none had Insights  except in black, white, silver or black!

A few days later, Kirkland Honda called and said they found a red Insight. Rich gave them a deposit and waited to see if the car manifested. Insight

Less than a week later, Friday afternoon, the car was ready to pick up. It had been shipped from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

That evening, we took the car on its virgin drive to Mount Vernon… and along the way, it started to hail! Happily it was Washington and not golf-ball sized Texas hail. Rich is thrilled with the car. And I’m thrilled because it gets 49 mpg… and is RED like my FIT!