We arrived at Mount Vernon last night to discover our mailbox had been vandalized and was laying on the ground. Rich immediately recalled reading about mailboxes being damaged in the area.

Evidentially kids play a game of baseball in which they drive through rural areas. A person in the passenger or back seat hangs out the window and whacks at mailboxes with a baseball bat as they drive by.

Fortunately, our mailbox had simply been whacked off from the post and only needed to be hammer back on with fresh nails.

Later that evening, I unrolled our copy of the local newspaper. Taking up most of the front cover was a story about over 100 mailboxes being damaged in the area! One man had recently installed a new mailbox with a solar light. They had been smashed beyond repair. Other people have repeated had to replace their mailbox.

Next weekend, Rich intends to bury in concrete a heavy metal post next to the mailbox. If vandals decide to drive by and smash our mailbox, they’re going to be in for a rude surprise when their bat hits the metal post!