For the past few weeks, Rich has been working in the kitchen of our Kirkland house, removing the dreaded florescent fixtures and replacing them with bucket lights, adding additional electrical plugs (and repairing existing one), and cutting holes in the roof to add two skylights.

Here he is on the ladder looking through one of the opening. Unfortunately, the installation of the skylights coincided with the hottest week on record for Seattle. Rich had to start working on the project at 6 in the morning and quit by early afternoon. Throughout the week, the opening in our attic heated up the house… with the hottest day turning our house into an unpleasant 92-degrees. Skylight

After Rich installed the skylights, he had only a few days to sealing them up and replace the shingles on the roof before it started to rain.

He still has lots of work to do, including blowing more insulation into the attic, adding sheetrock, texturing the sheetrock then painting. In the meanwhile, our kitchen is ten times lighter and it’s cool to look up at the stars through the skylights.

After the skylights are done, Rich will add a small peninsula to the kitchen for additional storage and a large workspace for rolling dough, making pasta, and cooling rack of cookies!