Our pet-sitter leaves a daily report of when she visited and what occurred during the visit. Here’s a snippet of what she wrote:

9/19: The kitties all greeted me at the door with Pu’Yi acting as main guard! Everyone got treats. I turned the sink on for Juju and everyone got lots of petting!

9/20: Everyone, even the birds, were napping as I arrived. Zephyie and Pu’Yi competed for attention, with Pu (of course) being more vocal.

9/21: After the kitties got their treats, I headed downstairs to take care of the birds and [litter] boxes. The racing from one end of the house to the other was noisy — Juju and Pu’Yi were having quite the race.

9/22: This morning your steps were carpeted! [the cats pull the rugs down the stairs] Pu’Yi won the purring contest, but Zephyra was a close 2nd.

9/23: Pu’Yi made himself very scarce today and Annie was a bit grouchy (do not pet me)! Juju got his water facet fix in twice and Zephie enjoyed the catnip most of all

9/24: Pu’Yi was not going to miss out on treats today! he was front and center when I went into the kitchen. Jujube got his water fix, of course. Z. was needing lots of love. Birds are noisy!

9/25: The rugs were creatively rearranged and everyone got catnip along with their treats today. Someone vomited in the laundry [room]. Your kitties will be so glad to see you!