This year, Pu’Yi, my wonderful silver-point Siamese puppy-cat wanted to participate in Halloween. The obvious costume was an angel. Here he is with his wings. PuYi sprouts wings

When it got dark outside, I put him on a leash and sat on our front steps with a bowl of candy waiting for tricker-treaters. I could hear some children’s voices, but none appeared. So we waited and WAITED!

After 15 minutes, it started to drizzle, which turned into a rain. Pu’Yi wasn’t pleased and I was concerned that his wings would start to fall apart… even though they were made from white duck feather.

Of course, Pu’Yi was thrilled to go back into the house and more pressing, remove his wings. He spent the rest of the night avoiding me until bedtime, when he and the rest of the cats got to roam the house because Rich was away in Vancouver, Washington helping his son, Chris move.PuYi sprouts wings_2

Usually, the cats are locked in our family room because Rich can’t sleep with them walking over him or sleeping on his feet.

If you’re curious, Pu’Yi is the only cat I’d "dare" put wings on. Rich’s wild boy Jujube would have run frantically through the house until the wings ripped or fell off. Ariel, Goldakevtch, and Lunetta would have gnawed and scratched, making it impossible to tie on the wings. And little Zephyra would have been too squirmy. She’s a very tolerant and sweet cat, but doesn’t like to be held and her fur is so soft that she easily slips out of one’s hands.