When I was growing up in Los Angeles, I was close to grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Holiday were large celebrations. Once I moved to Oregon, with my mother and brother, holidays were small affairs or made a bit larger by inviting friend.

While in Texas, holidays often consisted of Rich and I or sometimes with Rich’s daughter, son, mother, or father.

At Thanksgiving, however, we enjoyed spending time with many people who are part of Rich’s extended family. A month before, Rich’s son Chris, and his wife, Shawnee, purchased a four-bedroom house in Camas, Washington (northeast of Portland). With many bedrooms and sofas, they were able to have people fly in from around the country to enjoy a collective meal that included Japanese, Hawaiian, and traditional Thanksgiving fare. Thanksgiving picture_2009

Even though I’m not big on picture-taking, I’m thrilled that they capture the day.

Bottom row: June, Rich’s first wife who lives in Hawaii; Chiemi, June’s youngest daughter; and Shawnie, our daughter-in-law.

Middle row: Nancy, June’s mother; Doris, my mother; Mike, Shawnie’s father; and Alison, Shawnie’s sister.

Back row: Brian, Shawnie’s brother; Bryan, Chiemi’s husband; Chris, Rich’s son; Rich, Julie, Stacey, Rich’s daughter; and Allison’s boyfriend (don’t remember his name)