For the past few months, Rich has been working on completing the remodle of our middle bathroom… using quality materials, yet trying to keep the cost down. I think he succeeded. The bathroom is starting to look amazing.

The ONLY components that he kept was the white bathtub and white tiles surrounding the tub. He’ll be adding a stripe of glass tile to the top of these tiles then adding additional white titles up to the ceiling.

The horrible wallpaper was removed, the walls smoothed and paintable wallpaper hung. He then choose a seafoam green that complemented the glass tiles that we chose for the floor, backsplash, and stripe above the bathtub. The tiles are three colors: Teal, seafoam green, and marine blue.

He used hexagon and square tiles on the floor then popped out some of the squares to create a multi-colored stripe. The baseboards of the bathroom are white tiles.

The biggest splurges were the maple cabinet and mirror, which were made locally in Woodinville. Unlike less expensive cabinets, the one we chose has four drawers and a small cupboard. Rich not only extended the countertop, but chose a basin sink so they counter looks huge compared to the original sink/cabinet.

The sink and faucet was purchased months ago via the Internet. I think Rich chose it because the water cascades out like a waterfall, which is very appealing to Jujube, who prefers to drink out of sinks. 

The light bar was super cheap from Lowe’s. I looked for lights online, but was intrigued by the abstract lines and frosted glass of this fixture.

The new toilet is smaller, once again, making the bathroom look larger.

There are still a few weeks of work to be done, primarily doing the tiles over the tub and adding glass doors on the tub so it can be used as a shower.

I’m thrilled with my new bathroom!