This weekend, Rich charged ahead with adding the last bit of tile to our middle bathroom. Happily the white tile above the bathtub was in good shape so all he had to do was add three strips of tiny square tiles that match the tiles on the floor and back splash then fill in the rest of the space with white tiles that match the original white tiles.

Of course, I’m greatly simplifying the effort, which required lots of measuring and cutting to make the tiles fit. Rich, however, is a tile wizard and enjoys tiling (especially with his tile saw) so the job goes rather quickly.

After the tiles firmly adhere to the wall, he’ll do the grout. In addition, he needs to hang the towel bars, toilet paper holder, and matching glass shelf over the toilet. He also needs to add the glass doors on the tub so it can used as a shower. Rich doesn’t like shower curtains.  

Everyone is pleased with the new bathroom, especially Jujube who explains that the sink is the perfect size for lounging.