Last weekend, we visited Portland, Oregon. Rich attended a fireworks certification class so he can retain his Oregon Pyrotechnician license. He’ll be firing a show for the Portland Rose Festival in late May to fulfill the other requirements of the license.

Meanwhile, I visited my mother in Sherwood, Oregon.. She’d recently hurt her leg and needed help with housecleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, and other tasks. We had an enjoyable lunch at Sushi Land and that evening, Rich joined us at the Sherwood McMenniman’s, a community tavern where Rich and I initially met after corresponding for a few weeks on

Sunday morning, we headed to southeast to Milwaukie (SE Portland) to purchase Dave’s Killer Bread at their bakery/store. After serving 15 years in prison, "Dave," decided to start making outrageously nutritious and tasty breads. Today, he offers over a dozen breads, cookies, and a wickedly delicious cinnamon roll called a Killer Sin Dawg

The problem with the breads is that once you’ve eaten them, other breads are… boring. His breads are liberally sprinkled with a variety of seeds and made with whole grains.

At any rate, we planned on purchasing a dozen breads, giving nine to Rich’s son, Chris, and keeping three four ourselves… along with a Killer Sin Dawg, and a Peace Bomb Mini-Baguette.

On the way to the bakery, Rich drove through Milwaukie and areas of southeast Portland where he used to live. He also stopped at the Historical Broetje House, where we got married in September 2002. The house was originally owned by a horticulturist who had lavish plantings, including towering Sequoia Redwoods. Above is the front of the house along with its water tower.

The next photo is part of the garden. Towards the back is a white gazebo where we exchanged vows. I had Rich pose in the gazebo to re-enact the event. He looked much more dashing during our wedding in a black tuxedo with a ivory rose boutonniere.

I’d also decorated the gazebo with ivory and floral patterned ribbons, ivory toile, and ivory and moss green flowers.

The guest sat on white chairs on the lawn. A bagpiper (Rich is half Scotch) played as we walked from the bed and breakfast portion of the Broetje House to the gazebo.

Afterwards, we greeted guests in the reception area before we proceeded to the ornate banquet room.

It was fabulous to once again walk around the Broetje House and remember our special day.