In the early 90’s, I worked at Tektronix (oscilloscopes and other test equipment) for a non-conventional manager who insisted everyone use an Apple Computer. This was a time when primarily designers, creative professionals, and schools were using Apples. I was thrilled with my compact Macintoshwith its built-in screen, hard disk drive, and carrying case.

It was portal, easy-to-use, and best of all, had an intuitive graphical user interface. It was the latter that planted the idea I could become a writer/graphic artist/marketer extraordinaire. scribbles writing

A few years later, I started scribbles, witha considerably larger Macintosh, outrageously expensive ink jet printer, and software from my then boyfriend who owned a printing company, which employed graphic artists and typographers using Macintoshes. My first jobs were laying out data sheets for Tektronix and other high-technology companies, along with drawing technical illustrations using Freehand.

While I eventually returned to  the corporate world, I always longed to return to producing marketing communications from conception through writing, design, and printing (or more commonly, posting online).

This morning, I recreated the scribbles logo. It’s a bit more ornate than the original, and more cyan than marine blue, but it still conveys my tagline, “Adding color and eloquence.” Tomorrow, I’ll work on getting my Washington business license, and design a website.

Now all I need is clients… hint, hint!