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If you have never been nagged by a cat, you cannot know what nagging is.

When a child gets on your nerves, you can threaten all sorts of dire punishment. Wait ‘til Daddy gets home; no dessert tonight; no TV; no going to Johnny’s birthday party.

All of which the child knows, from previous experience, you won’t carry out, but it grants him a moment to weigh the worthiness of his misbehavior.Rose_cropped

Or you can order, “Go to your room!” “Stand in the corner!” You can even turn him over and administer a spanking, which will smart your hand more than his rear-end, but at least the tension in you will be broken (to be replaced by self-nagging of reproach).

But what you can you do about a cat? Spank it? Stand it in a corner?

I might put him outdoors, but he will stand there raising such a howl, Siamese are extremely vocal, that for the sake of the neighbors, I’ll have to pull him in again.

So, I just lock myself in my room!

Rose Ridnor