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A friend may help you “get there,” but an enemy will goad you into getting there faster and further.

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A friend’s co-worker, heartbroken just short weeks earlier because his wife divorced him, is now ready and eager to marry a divorcee he met in a bar. Rose_cropped

When he made the announcement, my friend was shocked and later repeated to me this conversation with him.

She asked, “Is that the place to go looking for a woman to marry? In a bar?”

He explained, “Why not? It’s a good a place as any. She’s lonesome, she’s got problems. She comes in for a few drinks, and to forget things for a while. I’m lonesome too. Two lonesome people met in a bar. So what?”

She inquired further, “Why don’t you join a club or go to church? You could meet a nice woman there.”

And he responded, “There are just as many fine people in bars as in church. Look at me. I’m a fine person.”

I’m inclined to second my friend’s attitude, but frankly, I’m not sure. Am I being too prim? Too intolerant?

Rose Ridnor