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Monday morning, we start the work week by going around the table and sharing a highlight from our weekend. I’m always quick to share what I harvested from our garden. Others relate enjoyable get-togethers with family and friends.

This morning, however, our zeal for sharing quickly fizzled. A designer in New York lamented she’d had a difficult weekend. She blurted out she knew the man who was celebrating his birthday when he was shot at the premier of the new Batman movie in an Aurora, Colorado theater.

Having read numerous articles about the horrific tragedy, I knew she was referring to 27-year old Alex Sullivan.

Crime isn’t anonymous.

When I heard about the shooting on Friday evening, I drew a mental picture of Colorado, many states away. Just a few days later, the distance drew closer, hearing the angst from a woman, across the nation in New York.

And this evening, I learned my stepson’s sister who lives in Colorado had a friend who was planning to go to the premier. She changed her mind at the last-minute.

No crime is anonymous.