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On this, the second day of the year 1985, O Lord, we want to offer up a Thank You for allowing us to come this far in Time.

We are appreciative of each New Year added to our life span, and mean to bring credit to each one.

While most of us seniors are past the point of seeking new worlds to conquer, there is still much to see, much to do, much to give, and much to understand. And in all that we want to be active participants.

All we need, O Lord, is the help of two magic words; good health. With all else is possible; without it, much is lost.

We humbly ask, O Lord, for the precious gift of good health; in mind, body, and spirit.

This invocation was written in January 1985. At the time, my grandmother was 77 years old. She would live another 13 years, passing away in her sleep. Until the last few years of her life, she was active, gardening, cooking, cleaning, writing, walking to the grocery store to shop, and taking care of her husband, Morris, who was a few years older.

If she had aches and pains, she rarely complained. She pushed through, looking forward to each day and an opportunity to experience something new. In the afternoons, she watched The Merv Griffin Show, delighting in his guests, and his unique humor. She also liked to watch the Dick Cavett Show; who was significantly more intellectual with wry observations and more worldly guests.

My grandmother’s curiosity and zeal for knowledge never waned. Her comments, “much to give, and much to understand,” was central to her personality. Fortunately, she was blessed with the two magic words, “good health,” which extended to her mind, body, and spirit.