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I found these snippets of wisdom in a small flipbook my grandmother, Rose Ridnor, started writing in the fall of 1954. The pages must have been labeled by grandfather, Morris because each page has a giant letter at the top in his handwriting. He used to draw cartoons and his handwriting resembled the block printing used by cartoonists.

Pages “A-F” were torn out of the flipbook. The first entries start on page “G.”

The snippets below were taken from the last pages of the flipbook:


They who cannot find happiness or satisfaction in their own lives and environment demand it be brought to them by others

Spite, like every, engulfs the perpetrator along with its victim. Rose_cropped

Can you love a person and still not like him?

We each of us have our own blind spots of immaturity.

One’s character is evident to the eye long before the tongue finds the words to name it.

Your true character casts its shadow before.


Another cry in the night. How much do I own my child for having given him birth?

Some children believe in an equal division of the family – the “giver” (the parents, naturally), and the “takers.”

Our design is not to tell youngsters what or not to do, but merely to show what has been done with what results so they may better judge their own decisions and potentials.


Anyone with proper management can live on a minimum wage, but who wants to?


With the coming of the middle years, comes the rewarding knowledge you don’t have to be as clever, as quick, or as rich as you once thought. And you don’t have to provide nothing to nobody!

I think I’m brilliant and want no one to remind me I’m not!


The extrovert runs away from himself; the introvert burrow into himself

The extrovert gathers a crowd around him; the introvert hides in a corner behind the potted plant