“Yearning for fame” was the third story I recently wrote for the Cascadia Weekly Fiction 101 contest. The stories were supposed to be 101 or few words.  

“Don’t compare yourself to others. If you do, you’re insulting yourself” muttered Edger, taking a puff of his Marlboro as he briskly walked on a cold winter morning, reminiscing about his heritage.

Image by Anton Kraev from Unsplash, rajalary, julie lary, scribbles writing

Since he was a kid, his father, a failed and broken man, bragged about being a German stormtrooper. Edgar, now in his late 60’s, dreamed of righting the wrong.

Hearing shouting and seeing people disperse, he looked up. Sensing a chance for glory, he fumbled in his waistband, pulling out a pistol. The undercover officer paused just long enough in his pursuit to turn, point and fire his weapon.

Thank you to Anton Kraev for his photo on Unsplash