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This is the second week of a challenge at work focused on reducing food waste. Everyday, we document the food we had to throw out. Being scrappy (and cheap), I’m constantly seeking ways to repurpose left-overs and disguise overripe and damaged produce.

Most Saturday mornings, I tend to inspect the produce drawer and cobble together a healthy breakfast. Last week, it was scrambled eggs from tarnished produce, including a soggy tomatoes, slightly shriveled mushrooms, half a red onion (probably cut over a week ago), dented red pepper, half a bag of spinach, and an avocado that sat on the counter for a week.

I initially cut up the red onion and cooked it for a few minutes until wilted,. Next, I chopped and added the tomato, pepper, and mushrooms. I cooked them for a few minutes while I went outside, and picked some fresh oregano and parsley to chop and add to the medley. The latter was bolting so it needed to be picked.

I then added the spinach, letting it wilt down before mixing in with the rest of the vegetables, along with a generous twist of fresh ground pepper and salt. I use a combination of chunky salt, which I finely grind. After everything had cooked for a few minutes, I beat the remaining 4 eggs in the carton, and poured them over the top, allowing them to cook for at least a minute before stirring.

To add more flavor, I sprinkled grated mozzarella cheese over the eggs as they cooked. I buy large blocks of cheddar, jack, mozzarella, and parmesan, which I grate, and keep frozen to add to recipes, ranging from a cheese sauce for eggs benedict to topping a vegetable quiche, sprinkling over enchiladas or chili rellenos, or adding to pasta dishes.

While the eggs cooked, I opened the avocado, and noticed the edges were brown. No problem, I sliced up the good part, and fanned it out on two plates. I then divided the eggs between the two plates. Viola! A delicious, nourishing breakfast that used up my week’s end vegetables.