For the last year or two, I’ve been receiving the Forbes lifestyle email newsletter. I find the articles amusing because… I’m absolutely not the target audience. Three million dollar condos, $2,000 slings, $60,000 sports cars, and $750 a night hotel rooms border on preposterous. Rich and I think we’re splurging when we choose Red Roof over Motel 6 and a Mexican restaurant over the dollar menu at Taco Bell.
Nevertheless, I do occasionally find something of interest in the Forbes newsletter. Most recently, they showcased the newest cosmetics for men. What! That’s right, today’s metro-sexual man can add some color to their checks with Male Species Starburst Face Bronzer or cover up those pesky blemishes with Males Species Tinted Crème Foundation & Concealer.
Naturally Man offers Aye Aye with "biomechanical properties" to stretch and firm the skin under tired eyes. There’s nothing feminine about this product. It’s a "masculine mixture of botanicals" to reduce "darkness and pouches."
Ken Cosmetics invites men to "dare to be" with colour (their spelling) foundations, lip glosses, mascaras, and eyeliners. For the lips, chose Nexus – copper gold stick, Sexus – sunkist brick stick or Plexus – luminosity gold stick. You can also correct what nature didn’t make perfect with VoLIPtuous Lip repair Serum, X-Treme Lip Service and FULMONTY Lip balm.
You can also get some Blo-Job Bronzing Powder from Ken Cosmetics in four pleasing colors: Caramel/earthy, butternut, spice, and sunkist. Add a brush of Glo-Job Body Glow in gold, ice (silver) or bronze (copper) and you’re ready to hit the town.
With 4VOO Men’s Eyelash & Brow Styling Glaze, your "eyes come alive," especially if you follow their application tip and "apply a second time for added thickness." They also offer eyeliner, shine reduction power, face and body bronzer, lip serum, shimming tint, and moisturizing lip protector.
Now when I see a man with flawless skin, bronzed checks, glossy lips, and long, dark brown, eyelashes, I’m going to wonder "is it him or is it Maybelline?"