Last year, I spent many months creating a web site to house Austin Adventures (the newsletter that I started writing in 2002), photographs from our travels, and samples of the marcom I’ve produced for a plethora of companies. It was created using Microsoft FrontPage and was going to be hosted on Rich’s Linux server.
Realizing he didn’t have the correct software to host my site and knowing it was going to be "hassle," Rich recommended in January that I find a web hosting company. Convinced that what looked good on my monitor would turn into gibberish once pushed live, I procrastinated.
I’m now back to square one. I’m trying to apply for jobs that require strong communication skills. Instead of sending possible employers to a web site to see my work, I only have this text-heavy blog site.
Tonight, I came up with the bright idea of posting sample of my work. As you can see in the first album to the right, they look dreadful. Dreadful! Which means, I better work up the courage to find a web hosting company, push the site live and make changes to text and design elements that turn to mush?
If you’re reading this blog, please write a comment admonishing my cowardliness and the ridiculous notion that I can place samples of my work on a blog site! Thanks!