This was my first week back to working full-time, on-site. Monday was a little tiring and Tuesday didn’t seem so bad. By the end of the week, I was trotting off to the bathroom and other buildings without thinking about the length of the walk.
I also went to the gym twice to ride a recumbent bike and Elliptical trainer and do exercises on the floor with resistance bands and an exercise ball. While some stretches continue to be painful, for the most part, my strength and flexibility are nearly normal.
Even though it’ll be several more weeks before I can walk, garden or do housework for several hours at a time, I’ve decided to officially say "good-bye" to my accident on April 30th. For that day forward, I’m going to blame all stiffness and aching not on my accident, but on aging and being out-of-shape!
My x-rays on April 19th showed that my bones are almost knitted together and there’s no misalignment of my pelvis or sacrum. It’s now up to me to do daily stretches, keep physically fit and watch my weight.