After weeks of discussion, Rich and I had Mongojerrie (Monkey) put to sleep. She was going to be nineteen in August and in recently weeks had grown thinner with a ravenous thirst and appetite, indicating her kidneys and undoubtedly other organs, were failing. In addition, she would often howl as if in pain.
She originally belonged to Beaverton, Oregon councilwoman Sarah Drake. My mother had been involved in local politics and was visiting Sarah’s house when she saw Monkey outside. Sarah didn’t want the kitten because she was climbing on the drapes so my mother took her home.
A few days later, Monkey became very ill. A visit to the vet revealed that she has severe pneumonia and that her rib cage had been crush – probably squeezed too hard by Sarah’s young children. The vet gave her a 10% probability of surviving and advised putting her to sleep.
It took six months of antibiotics to cure Monkey. In addition, every time she coughed, either my Mother or I would put her over our shoulder and pat her back to loosen the phlegm. All this attention turned Monkey into a very clingy and loving cat that like a dog would follow me from room-to-room and sleep on my pillow – often purring with her front feet flopped over my face.
Her distinct yowl could be heard from across the house or when she was outside wanting to come in. In her final years, she enjoyed occasional jaunts in our flower and herb garden; sleeping under the rosemary bush was a favorite pastime. Because of her age, the other cats never bother her; although, she relished yowling and swatting at them.
While she’ll be missed, we’re happy that she went quietly to sleep with both Rich and I in the room.