Last year, the first snow of the season was on Thanksgiving weekend. It waited an extra week this year. Saturday morning, we woke to a light dusting of snow in Mount Vernon; by the time we reached Kirkland, the dust had turned into flakes. A few hours later, the streets, trees, houses… everything was coated with several inches of snow.
We were toasty inside, having gotten a new furnace the day before and busily installing bamboo flooring in our third bedroom. Tomorrow, we’ll install flooring in our fourth bedroom, which will allow us to start putting furniture in the rooms. Yeah! Although, we still need to add molding, new closet doors… new plug covers, etc.
By the time we left Kirkland, at around 7 p.m., to eat dinner and go to my apartment in Redmond, the roads had gotten quite treacherous. Happily, Rich had driven down his truck, which has four-wheel drive.
My apartment, which is at a lower elevation than our Kirkland house, and is located on Lake Sammamish, had slushy snow, which is icky to walk in, but not dangerous for driving. Hopefully, it doesn’t freeze overnight, turning the slush into ice. And I’m hoping the snow will melt tomorrow afternoon so I can drive my FIT back to Redmond (it’s in the garage at Kirkland) and Rich and drive an hour north to Mount Vernon.
Large tree from our Anacortes lot with snow outside

Snow across the street from our houseLooking up the street from our house