On Friday evening, Rich and I moved my "stuff" into our Kirkland house. I had mixed feelings. First, I was thrilled that we were consolidating down to two residences instead of three. It was getting tiring packing clothes, food and tools every weekend to accommodate where we’d be spending our time.
On the other hand, I had grown fond of my tidy, compact apartment with its close proximity to Lake Sammamish, Microsoft, Uwajimaya (oriental grocery store), and the Belleveue Goodwill (great clothes and collectibles). Plus, my apartment building, with just eight one-bedroom apartments, is a short walk from the rest of the complex, across a footbridge that goes over a culvert. Another, larger culvert is opposite my apartment. When it rains, the water roars through the culverts into Lake Sammamish.
Plus, the apartment has a little gym with TV screens on the eliptical machines. It was my only opportunity to watch TV!
Nevertheless, it’s nice to be a house and starting to unpack my stuff, putting clothes in the closets, cooking in the kitchen, and planning other home improvements. In addition, we had Comcast installed last week, which means cable TV, Internet access, long-distance… the whole she-bang.