My name is Goldakevtch. Julie named me after Golda Meir, a former prime minister of Israel, because I’m rather large with wild gray hair. Kevtch is Yiddish for crabby, which is my usual state-of-mind. Who can blame me?
When Julie was having her house built in Sherwood, Oregon, she saw me wandering across the weedy lot. Many months later, after her house had been built, she spotted me. Stupidly, I let her pick me up and drag me into her house. Being semi-feral, I bit, clawed, yeowled, kicked, and did everything possible to mutilate her.
I hated people. My previous owners allowed my fur to get matted. Underneath the mats were open sores. Julie immediately brought me to the vet to be shaved and given antibiotics.
Because my hair is very fine and thick, it tends to knot and mat very easily. Living in Texas made it worse. Well, I never got used to brushing. I still bite (hard) and claw whenever I see a brush. So periodically, Julie has to cut out the mats.
Happily, I’m back in the Pacific Northwest so I can keep my thick coat for most of the year. I need it for lounging on the deck and ocassionally venturing onto the grass to catch a bug or two.
 Golda looking swanky