Cinco de Mayo is the only way I can remember Rich’s birthday, which is on May 6th. This year, he lamented how old he’s become and how his life has evolved from being a photographer and crime scene investigator for the Los Angeles Police Department, when he was 18, to an advisory engineer who oversees the implementation of Linux device drivers for all of IBM’s fiber channel interface adaptors (he dictated that last sentence to me).
Unfortunately, we were both up to our necks in work projects so Rich had to celebrate his birthday by eating left-overs and sharing his banana split cake with Jujube. Along with the cake, I got him a bottle of Chateau St. Michelle dry Riesling. The winery is a whooping two miles away and has replaced our favorite wine from Oregon, Sokol Blosser MullerThurgau. The wine will probably remain in our refrigerator for months before we get around to drinking it!
Meanwhile, for Rich’s birthday, the azaleas and rhododendrons started to bloom in Mount Vernon. We also enjoyed visiting our lot in Anacortes and planting three maple trees and admiring the three lilac bushes that I planted a month earlier. Spring is an exciting time in Washington!
Jujube and cake  Flowers in Mount Vernon   White rhodi