I’ve had several requests to post progress on our house. We were progressing until summer… good weather… sailing… trips… and Rich’s addiction to watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC…Bedroom

Our bedroom is about done. Missing are the closet doors, and some baseboard molding. We’ll also be replacing the single-pane window and adding a skylight when we redo the roof. In the meanwhile, the pictures are hung, bamboo flooring completed… pillow made for the bed… and new bedspread purchased.

The Tiffany lamp on the high boy (above) is from a wonderful woman, Patricia, who I worked with at Dell. The lamp had a broken switch, which Rich repaired in a jiffy. Bedroom pillowsI love the colors the lamp casts on the walls at night.

The pictures are a combination of watercolors and oils, framed antique lace (from my Grandmother), needlepoint, my grandparent’s wedding picture, and a frame copy of Rich’s and my wedding invitation (a gift from a friend).

For additional storage, I placed a bench at the foot of the bed. There’s storage under the seat. by the window is a large dresser and of course, more pictures. The other bench is in our dining room.

Bedroom closetsThe other wall, next to the bed, has a large window with a huge dresser beneath with another Tiffany lamp. And of course, a collage of six paintings… one from Russia.

You can see our "open" closets (right) and Zephyra’s glowing eyes.