During the Labor Day weekend, we took our motor home to our Anacortes lot to relax, hike, hack at the vegetation, and see what it feels like to spend the night on our lot.

As soon as we parked our motor home, we scampered on top to check out the view. Our 1.5 acre lot has a few high points, but we’d never seen the view from what will be the second story of our planned house. We were amazing at what we could see… the Puget Sound, Mount Baker, and the refineries on March Point.

After a  restful night, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast before packing up for a hike to Whistle Lake… a few miles from our lot. First, Rich decided to make the bed and quickly noticed nibbled holesMotor home on our lot in the sheets and a pillowcase. We haven’t used the motor home for over two years, when we drove it from Texas to Mount Vernon. We evidentially brought a mouse or two from Texas who made a nest in our bed!

Rich did a quick check in the drawers and cupboards of the motor home to see whether we had a major mouse infestation. Nope. Our lone mouse or mouse couple must have either died or snuck outside to freedom.

Either though we’ve hiked around Whistle Lake, Rich wanted to try out his new GPS. Seemingly, every two minutes, he stopped to check our coordinates. It made me a bit loony because we had a map that showed where we were going… and the trails are clearly marked. Rich and his GPS

At one point, Rich got so wrapped up in playing with the GPS that he zigged when we should have zagged. I didn’t say a word until fifteen minutes later when Rich realized that we should have reached the lake… instead of being deep in the woods. Ha!

I had seen the map so I knew that we’d eventually reach the lake. And when we did, we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch before heading back to our lot to start cutting trails and deciding where we want to eventually plant our gardens.

In the coming years, we look forward to more enjoyable days and evenings "roughing" it on our lot… before we start building our dream house.