As I write this blog entry, we have at least a foot of snow around our house. It’s been snowing on-and-off for four days, with more storms coming. Nevertheless, why dwell on the snow when you can admire the fall leaves in our backyard and next door…Our backyard, covered with leaves

This is our backyard… one mass of leaves with the grass barely visible beneath. We bought a shredder to grind up the leaves, but the leaves never dried out so we could use the shredder. The leaves are now under the snow.

Here’s Pu’Yi surveying the leaves and wondering if his days of lounging in the sun and chasing bugs is coming to an end.

With Rich working from home, the cats were able to go outside in the morning then come indoors for a nap then go back outside in the afternoon. Rich would bribe them with kitty snacks to get them to come back inside when he called them.PuYi surveying the leaves

Our neighbor has many Japanese maples, which were spectacular this year. The leaves vary in size, shape and color, depending on the variety.

We have a large maple tree in our backyard, which earlier this year Lunetta decided to climb. It took until 3 a.m. to coax her down to a lower branch so Rich could plunk her out of the tree, using his tallest ladder. She’s since stayed out of the tree, which now has no leaves.

 One of our neighbor's maple trees Tree in our backyard Maple leaves Hanging in our kitchen window