Rich and I lived in Oregon for over twenty years.It would snow once or twice a year and on a bad year, the snow would last two or three days. Kirkland (and Seattle), Alaska is a different story. It snows, sticks, snows some more, sticks, then snows again!

It started snowing on Wednesday afternoon and continued for most of Thursday. Friday there was no snow, but the streets were unsafe to drive… at least getting out of our driveway and up or down the steep hill. The picture of people sledding outside our front door tells the story… Sledding on street

Saturday, we ran some errands in Rich’s truck with Rich using 4-wheel drive in the slippery areas. That evening, it snowed again, leaving around a foot of snow in the area and many drifts from the wind.

Stacey, Rich’s daughter was supposed to fly to Seattle from San Diego, spend a few days with us then fly to Hawaii. However, SeaTac (Seattle Tacoma Airport) is canceling flights and already over 15,000 people are stranded in the area. Stacey was told that earliest flight to Seattle is on Wednesday… three days from now.

Here’s the scene around our house in Kirkland, Alaska:

Front of our house Rich's truck Our back deck Street in front of our house