A few months before Christmas, I noticed that the people who lived across the street from our Mount Vernon house had a flock of five baby turkeys. The house across the street is actually part of an extended family farm, which includes three houses, a large barn, several dogs, a small field, and numerous pens filled with miniature goats, run-of-the-mill ducks, Canadian geese, ornamental chickens, and Cinnamon Teals.

The son, who is now in his early twenties, has been raising various birds since he was five years old. When I saw the baby turkeys, I assumed that they were being raised by the "table;" however, Thanksgiving came and went and the birds (which now number four) got bigger, and Bigger, and BIGGER!

They’ve also ridden to celebrity status. WheTurkeys that live across the street from our Mount Vernon housen they wander near the street, people in cars will stop and look at them. In addition, if you "gobble" at them, they’ll "gobble" back. They’ve become quite tame and are always together. The older black Labrador Retriever on the farm is often seen escorting and protecting them.

I was about 12 feet from the turkeys when I took this picture. I visit them every week and we have a good "gobble." Because it’s been in the 20’s and 30’s in Mount Vernon, they usually have their feathers fluffed up… or maybe they’re just trying to look tough.