For the past year or so, Rich has diligently working on updating our Kirkland house. In last January, he put the finishing touches on our master bedroom, bright, white, spank’ new closet doors and handles.

Closet doors

The photograph below shows the old door against the closet doors.That stunning pink color was in the hallway, two bedrooms, living room, dining room, and front entry! It was such a relief when we painted everything off-white!

The other side of the door was avocado or olive green, depending on your disdain for the color. The entire bedroom was painted green, making it very dreary. The white walls, bamboo floors, white ceiling fan/light fixture, white baseboards, and new double-pane vinyl windows (trimmed in white trim) make the room appear twice as large.

Olive green door Rich is nearly done updating our extra bedroom, which had robin egg blue walls and closet doors and dingy white carpeting.

He also completed updating the shelving in the hall linen closet, which I took over for storing food. Only the top shelf hold linens.

Next month, we’ll start building a small island/breakfast bar for the kitchen. It’ll give us more food prep space and cupboards for storing canisters of  flour, sugar, several types of rice… dried mushrooms… barley, oats, couscous… tabbouli and hummus mix… and many other jars of what I consider necessities.