September 15, 2010

Dear Suki,

You went to kitty heaven an hour or so ago. I am overwhelmed with sadness, sprinkled with relief that you pass away quietly in a safe and loving environment, the Banfield Pet Hospital. We desperately wanted you to live, but realize you were very ill with many issues that couldn’t be solved with love, hope, and miracle drugs.

I chose your name because in Japanese “suki” means beloved or “like.” It is the shortened version of “daisuki,” meaning “to like a lot.” A cute way of saying you like something is “suki suki.” The moment I saw your heart-shaped face, large eyes, and striking black-and-white markings I thought of a Japanese caricature like Hello Kitty.

We loved you very much because you brought us not only tremendous happiness, but entertained us with your antic, gentleness, and fighting spirit. When you looked at us with your huge amber eyes, we felt as if you were bestowing your love and gratitude, which made us love you even more.

At night, you slept between us, your warm body pressed against one of ours. As you grew healthier, you started to bond with the other cats, snuggling up to Pu’Yi, rubbing noses with Zephrya, batting toys down the hallway with Gracie Lint, and even sharing the futon with Goldakevtch.

Until today, we thought you were a little girl. To us, you will always be a darling, little girl that touched our hearts and will forever be missing.

With deep love and thankfulness for the time we had together.

Rich and Julie

(Last night, we printed this letter in pretty, green cursive font and then placed it in an elegant beaded canister along with her fuzzy green toy. I’d purchased the canister the day Rich initially brought her to the vet and we thought we’d have to put her to sleep. I was hopeful that I’d never have to use it…)