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We are now in the month of February, the time when we honor the men who served as Presidents of these United States.

They have each left their mark upon our country, and their names have gone down in history books.

But for us here assembled, our names will not be recorded in history books, or a day set aside for us on the calendar. Yet, we too have each left our mark. We too have each earned recognition.

At every stage of our life, as child, relative, friend, neighbor, citizen, we have made contributions for society’s good.

We have worked and built. We have encouraged and been an influence for good. Our hands have helped lift a burden, our feet have trod beside another’s to ease a journey. We have dried tears and applauded triumphs. We have partaken of life and paid the price it demanded. We have served.

Though our names, O Lord, will not appear in history books written by man, let it be that they will be entered in your Golden Book as people who gave of themselves in the interest of others.

Julie Lary, rajalary, Anacortes, scribble writingWhen I first started publishing and commenting on my grandmother’s invocations, I never thought I’d get through the entire pile. Now, there are just a few more to publish.

My decision to publish them stemmed from a memory of my grandmother showing them to my mother, her daughter, who barely paid attention to the sizable stack of neatly typed prayers.

My grandmother was proud of what she wrote and welcomed the honor of reading them at the start of senior citizen meetings. The first one is dated November 2, 1983. The last one was written in May 1986.

Publishing the invocation was my way of helping ensure her name was “recorded” not just in the Golden Book (a reference to the Yom Kippur practice of asking to be inscribed in the Book of Life), but on the Internet. Her contributions extended not just to what she did for her family, but those around her, including neighbors, friends, members of her synagogue, and perhaps, people, browsing the internet who happen upon her writings.