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Every Saturday, a small group of individuals stand at a busy intersection in downtown Oak Harbor (the main city on Whidbey Island) to protest Donald TrumpĀ and the GOP. On Sundays, there are protests in Langley, the south end of the island. And yesterday, I learned there are protests every Saturday in Anacortes on Fidalgo Island.

20180218_082345At any rate, I had a small piece of foam core from a picture-framing project, and wanted to make a political sign. I used PowerPoint to create the artwork, and then spray-mounted the artwork. A wooden ruler is taped to the back of the handle for extra support.

The sign pictured to the right didn’t hold up to the rain so I re-created it early this week, and covered the entire sign with clear tape.


I now have a weather-proof, easy to transport sign, which is approximately 12 x 19 inches (without the handle). Below is a link to the artwork (PowerPoint). It’s easy to assemble, once you need to trim an inch off either side the wording that fits in the middle of the sign.

Artwork in PowerPoint

The signs below were made for the Women’s March, using some old Halloween decorations. While the signs were well liked, the writing is too small to read from a moving card. The “No Trump Anytime” sign is much more effective for standing on a street corner.