Every quarter, my group has an off-site. On Friday, we went to an Alamo Drafthouse, which are combination theater/restaurants, primarily located in strip malls. In other words, third rate McMenamins. Although, Alamo Drafthouses have larger selections of imported and domestic draft and bottled beers and wines than McMenamins; the latter focuses on serving their own and local microbrews and wines.

It was the first time I’d been to an Alamo Drafthouse and since I’m extremely partial to McMenamins, I didn’t go with an open mind. Nevertheless, it was an afternoon off from work and the chance to a see a movie – Hot Fuzz.

Released this year and featuring British comedian Simon Pegg, Hot Fuzz was so good that I rushed home and convinced Rich to see the 10:15 showing that evening!

The first two-third of the movie is humorous with the actors taking their parts very seriously. The big-city police officer goes by the “book,” interpreting the law and seeking out suspects in a picture-perfect English village with a cast of colorful and congenial shopkeepers and professionals. But everything isn’t storybook perfect and when the truth is revealed, the flick turns into a shoot ’em up, super-cop spoof.

It was hysterically funny, fast paced with twist-and-turns and subtle British humor that turns ordinary words like “hag,” “grasshopper,” and “swan” into memorable punch lines. Curious? Check out where it’s playing in your area!